I don’t think it means anything.


. USC does not often have enough information to make a decision, so they will ask for spring grades to ensure that potential students continue to get decent grades.

USC is my dream school and I’ve planned my whole transfer around them.


This is extremely common for sophomore applicants. USC’s full non-discrimination policy can be found online at policies. Hey everyone, I am currently at a CC planning to transfer to USC as a Sophomore for Computer Science and Business Administration.

I enrolled at USC because it had been a lifelong dream of mine, in short, but I.

Hi. . Alexis Francel tells of her background with the Trojan Transfer Plan and how the program adds another dimension to the USC experience.

. As a transfer, I thought the class size was going to be small at Berkeley, but many of the upper-division courses I have looked up have 100+ class sizes.


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College Transferring From/Type: University of San Diego (USD)/Private 4 Year Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: Yes; Legacy Entering As: Sophomore GPA: 4. SGR's also happen for some junior applicants if they are taking an important course.

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Sophomores will be the first to be offered space when Wait List assignments begin.
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. USC admits students of any race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or mental disability. .

Hi. 0 (PCC), 4. cityoflostwages • 4 yr. USC accepts both sophomore and junior transfer students. .

It really isn't an indicator that they hate you.

. If you get a spring grade request (SGR) then sometimes you might not get a final decision until up to June.

49% transfer applicants, which is competitive.

I will be attending another 4 year this fall but I'm planning to try and transfer to USC, specifically as a sophomore transfer, since it's my dream school.


Transferring to USC? This is the complete guide to making sure you maximize your chances of successfully transferring.

cityoflostwages • 4 yr.